How to win an argument with your boyfriend


How to win an argument with your boyfriend

Arguments are an unavoidable part of a relationship and relationships are an inevitable part of life. Every once in a while you will find yourself in an argument with your boyfriend. How can you win those arguments? Here are some tips.


Understand the other point

The goal of an argument is not to win them. It is to understand the needs of each other so that you have a renewed understanding of what you both want in your relationship. Whenever you are arguing about something, it is essential that you understand his point and what he’s talking about. Rather than focusing on how he’s not listening to you, make sure you listen to him first and then if he’s right, you agree to it or else say something back. Don’t just vent out your frustrations on him. Listen to him and understand him and then say what you have to say.


Ask questions if you don’t understand something

Do you think he’s seeing someone else while dating you? Don’t Just assume and show passive anger. The process of understanding always involves asking someone about it. Whenever you are arguing, if you don’t understand any of his points, you should ask him. Do not just say something just for the sake of winning an argument. Ask him what he meant by it and why its necessary. There are different ways in which a person can perceive and understand a statement. Make sure you don’t misunderstand his statement and start another argument in the process.


Apologise if you say something out of line

You have to let him know that you’re in this argument to fix your relationship. A misunderstanding is probably what led you to be in an argument in the first place. If you say something out of line in a fit of rage, make sure you apologise for it. As mentioned earlier, you are in this for fixing your relationship and not to make it worse. Don’t let your ego stop you. If you feel like you have crossed a line, apologise and say what you meant to say.


Don’t hold back on your emotions

Don’t think that if you cry, you are the weaker one. The people who cry are the bravest, as they are not afraid to express their feelings in front of anyone. It is important that your man knows how you are feeling and if you feel sad or upset and feel like shedding a few tears, go ahead and do it. When he realises that he has hurt you he will soften up. Although, let’s make it clear. No one is saying that you have to fake a cry. If you feel like crying, then don’t stuff it in. Let it out.


Stay Calm

You have to make sure that stay composed throughout the argument. Make sure that your anger doesn’t get the best of you. Losing your temper and yelling at him is not going get you anywhere in the argument. It is imperative that you stay calm from your side, and as a result, he also will. It’s a different thing to express your feelings, but don’t lose your cool.


Let him know that you are not enjoying this

No one enjoys arguing. It is an undeniable fact. However, make sure that your boyfriend gets that too. Make it clear to him that you are not enjoying have this argument and you do not care about winning. Make him realise that what you want is your relationship to be better and nothing else matters.

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